Magnum’s latest campaign ‘Stick to the Original’ directly addresses ‘fake’ or copycat products in a fun and playful dramatisation. In the new video advert, a woman sees the entire fabric of her long-term relationship unravel after her boyfriend buys and enjoys fake, off-brand Magnum. The advert closes with the statement: “Like a Magnum is not Magnum. Stick to the original.”

The creative ad pokes fun at the private label supermarket knock-off versions of Magnum available, making it clear that none of them come close to the real thing.

Brands face a constant competitive battle with private label products. A cost-of-living crisis simply intensifies this. In general, this is legitimate commercial pressure that brands must live with. It is a debate for another day, but we must also reference that, too often, private label products stray into blatant, ‘parasitic’ copying that replicate visual assets that brands have spent many years and resources building. Such copying often misleads and manipulates shoppers and it seems reasonable that brands should get more legal protection than they currently have to resist this.

Magnum’s response to the fact that all retailers have a Magnum copy in every store is bold. Ultimately, this is a quality play. A focus on the product and brand attributes – the benefits and reasons to believe – that demonstrate a Magnum is superior to the copycats. We love the attention to detail e.g. the cracking of the chocolate plus sound effect beautifully magnifies the experiential elements that build brand difference. Magnum knows it also needs to create an emotional connection – the product superiority messaging is wrapped up in a humorous human story. By the way, the posters are great too. Advertising core product truths and building emotional connection is what brands do. Tackling private label competition head on is what great brands do.

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