Mondelēz International is bringing back its successful ‘How Do You Not Eat Yours?’ advertising campaign for Cadbury Creme Eggs. These are now a brand icon in the lead up to the Easter season and according to Lyndsey Homer, Crème Eggs brand manager, they are “purchased four times more than the average Easter product.”

Cadbury is also releasing its first major product innovation, a Cadbury White Creme Egg. The white chocolate twist marks the first innovation to the treat in 50 years. “White chocolate is growing fast in the category, so in combination with the number one Easter brand, this is set to be a truly incremental new product,” said Homer.

Another addition from Cadbury in 2023 will be 1kg bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs, designed specifically for the growing number of people who use mini eggs in home baking.

We obviously think that brands, brand marketing and innovation make an important contribution to helping people better meet their needs and to delivering broader, positive, economic outcomes. Occasionally, a brand can do more than this and transcend its original commercial purpose! There has always been cynicism and criticism of brand marketing, but it is undeniable that brands have a unique ability to integrate into our conscious and unconscious lives to create positive connections, behaviours and even occasionally to become cultural icons.

The Cadbury’s Cream Egg is an icon. A cultural institution. Oh, and lest we forget, from its inception it wasa fabulous piece of brand building, choco-innovation. As Easter approaches millions of people will turn a small piece of their finite mental availability to thinking about the product with warmth, anticipation and no small amount of salivation. This is perhaps beyond logical analysis; it is deeply human and engaging. The ‘…eat yours’ advertising idea is a magical piece of involving and humorous communication, symbiotically linked to the very idea of the product and focused on leveraging the established mental availability… year after year after year. The white chocolate variant is a logical extension. It is brilliant because it reflects the same insights and behaviours that made the Crème Egg successful. Only brands, built with care and investment over the long term, can hope to do this.