Congratulations to Cadbury, one of the UK’s most iconic brands and winners of the 2022 IPA Effectiveness Award.

Following a reorientated purpose, focusing on generosity, the resulting campaign – “There’s a glass & a half in everyone” – has re-established Dairy Milk, rebuilt the Cadbury brand. In turn, annual value sales have risen 22% since the campaign launched, while generating £261m additional revenue per year.

Awards judge Gavin Patterson President & Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce (UK) commented: “A great example of long-term marketing. It invested in really exceptional consumer insight, turned it into a brilliant brand idea and delivered results both in terms of the brand equity and business performance.”

Sharing at the IPA Effectiveness Awards, Cadbury explained how the campaign has also led to a renewed focus on effectiveness within Mondelez and partner agencies. Focus on numbers and effectiveness fed into day-to-day working practices, and using data and research to inform decision-making.

Cadbury established a “Purple Collective” – an internal community of people from marketing, research & development, and all our agency partners, that shares effectiveness expertise from across markets. In their case study, Cadbury shared how embracing an effectiveness culture within the team – alongside the marketing campaign – led to the success of “There’s a Glass and a Half in Everyone”.

This is so brilliant. Firstly, it is yet another proof point that a brand focusing on equity-driven brand building delivers results and longer-term effectiveness. Then there is the great advertising, with human empathy, emotion and insight. All building on a long-established brand idea and strapline. The new campaign takes the long-owned product truth, the ‘glass and a half’ of quality into a purpose driving and consumer engaging brand idea. All underpinned by the cliché of 360-degree marketing. The only conclusion for all brand marketers – I wish I’d done that!

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