Launched in 2017 by founders with larger drinks company experience, Dash Water has rapidly grown and proven global success exporting to over 20 countries. Like many great brands, Dash water was built on an innovation and the courage to launch it. The multi-billion-dollar US ‘Seltzer’ trend had yet to hit the UK/Europe at any scale, so Dash was born as an early entrant to the market. It proved a great platform to build the brand as Dash is now the number one seltzer brand in Europe.

They also identified a gap in the market to build a more sustainable drinks brand. Dash Water is infused with ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables, or fresh produce with imperfections that would not normally make it to the supermarket shelf.

Dash Drinks success in Australia is phenomenal. It recognised the similarities between the UK and Australian drinks markets and that Australians are among the biggest consumers of soft drinks in the world (with sun almost all year round), and that wellness trends are driving Australians to look for healthier alternatives when it comes to what they drink. In 2021 Dash established retail opportunities with coffee shops, quick-service restaurants and independent grocers across Australia, resulting in 800 independent stockists and listings in 700 Woolworths stores. The brand is now an established success.

The company is also a certified B-Corp. They take it seriously, so they have also developed – at rapid pace – local manufacturing in Australia to minimise the environmental impact of a global supply chain and to meet the growing demand.

Dash Water has a unique proposition, meeting demand for sustainable, healthy and great tasting products, and is enjoying significant success, selling one million cans in Australia in 2021.

Dash Water was awarded the Grocer Gold Awards 2022: Exporter of the Year.

Dash Water is a true challenger brand. They are also resourceful as they successfully entered the Australian market during Australia’s ban on international travel! Expanding your brand into a different country is hard enough without the hassle of an international travel ban. Dash Water’s Australian success started where it always should, with the consumer. They recognised Australians were high consumption users with similar needs to their existing consumers. They deserve praise for taking the risk and expanding into a new market in a challenging environment. It paid off.

By working with local distributors, farmers and influencers, Dash Water adopted a local strategy that ensured effective launch communications to build a brand, not just launch a product! Dash Water is an excellent example of how a global presence is possible for any brand willing to research the new market and act locally rather than globally. In terms of strategy, one size does not fit all. Honda used to have a word for it ‘Glocalisation’.

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