The Coconut Collab – a small British company creating plant-based yogurt and puddings using coconut – has launched what it claims is the UK’s first plant-based yogurt range dedicated to promoting better gut health.

Each pot includes multiple strains of live cultures as well as prebiotic fibre, calcium and vitamins D, B6 and B12, all of which are said to promote a healthy digestive and immune system.

The Coconut Collab created this range to support gut health, in response to consumers growing conscious towards healthier living. Naturally free from dairy, soya and gluten, the products also hit the mark for dairy-free alternatives.

The Coconut Collab also has a focus on sustainability and environmentalism. Working with Pur Project on the ‘Together Under One Tree’ initiative they are regenerating ecosystems relied on for their natural ingredients. Since 2015, The Coconut Collab has planted over 20,000 trees to promote the restoration and regeneration of coastal communities in Bali.

Driving innovation is a continuous task for brand owners as they strive to stay ahead in a competitive and increasingly crowded world. Necessity is the mother… and it is why brands drive most of the world’s innovation. The Coconut Collab clearly realises that a distinctive proposition is essential to success. Its response? A range that combines two successful health and wellness categories into one brand offer.

The brand reflects the major changes in food consumption behaviours of recent times. Plant-based, milk-alternative brands have created a huge new category in just a few years. The probiotic and prebiotic approach to gut health is likewise an established category, but mainly in dairy yogurt. So, it should come as no surprise that a brand is combining the two wellness trends to create a point of difference. In the end, it will be the consumer experience – taste, benefits and product quality – that will determine whether this is a winner. There are many choices of plant-based and of gut-health products available. However, the innovation logic, the sustainability back story and the single-minded focus is strong here, so it must be one to watch.

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