Wilton is on a mission to become a UK household name by elevating the household aisle with premium, fragrance-led, ‘worktop worthy’ products – without the eco compromise for consumers.

Wilton’s British-made one-litre laundry liquids (Cedarwood and Jasmine) and fabric conditioners (Cedarwood and Jasmine) are rolling out in supermarkets with goals to disrupt the current household aisle.

All products are sustainable, plant-based, and feature botanical fragrances in light-weighted recycled packaging. The B-Corp business is also carbon-neutral, including its laundry products, which it claims is a first for the cleaning category.

Founded in 2018, Wilton London products include washing up liquids, plastic-free sponges and surface cleaners, all of which are British-made with plant-derived ingredients.

Wilton have created this range in response to the change in consumer values, demanding a need for cleaner, sustainable independent products that don’t skim on functional quality or appearance.

We like this because it is a true challenger story. The macro trends on sustainability and a desire for more sophisticated fragrances and product solutions are well versed, the challenge is to build a brand that delivers this and builds consumer belief and trust that it works. The household category has undergone major disruption over the past 5 years with newer brands now establishing themselves with ethical or environmental positionings. Good luck to Wilton. At a category level we would never underestimate the big, established brands’ ability to respond. They have been leading change for decades to stay one step ahead of own-label and competitors. They do this by a relentless drive for insight and being close to the consumer and their needs. In the end, whether it is Wilton or P&G or… this is more proof of the role of brands in creating dynamic categories with growth potential.

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