Stonegate Farmers, owner of the Clarence Court brand, has launched a new range of eggs fortified with vitamins. The enriched range has been created to help consumers boost their overall health and immunity and achieve their RDA through ‘a kitchen staple’.

The new range called “Enriched” features three types of eggs; Energise, Defence and Multi Vit. Free-range hens are fed on one of three enhanced diets to create the functional eggs.

According to Stonegate Farmers, the new product range offers shoppers a “wide range of benefits helping to reduce tiredness, support the immune system and provide daily support for both body and mind”.

This is interesting. In the distant past lots of natural products ‘added’ vitamins and minerals to their products to offer added health benefits or make specific claims. In general, the consumer rejected these attempts. They were seen as artificial and ‘unnatural’. It became a negative approach associated with big ‘factories’ churning out mass produced versions of what was natural and wholesome already. That is what makes Stonegate’s approach so interesting, and potentially successful. Rather than a list of added ingredients they have gone back to source and enriched the eggs through the diet of the chickens. This is a modern, scientific solution, to help consumers get more of their recommended daily allowance (RDA) of key vitamins etc. It will be interesting to see how shoppers and consumers respond to this innovation. It also demonstrates how all brands should be innovating and leading categories to remain distinctive and relevant.

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