A new drink brand called Bounce Back has launched two “first ever post-social replenishment” drinks in the UK, designed to be taken after socialising.

Created by two biochemists, the drinks contain a blend of 17 vitamins, minerals and amino acids intended to give the body the replenishing nutrients it needs while sleeping. The company recommends users replace the usual glass of water before bed if you have been out, with a can of Bounce Back. “Down a can and seize back tomorrow!”

Highlighting the specific functional benefits of the product ingredients, Bounce Bank is leaning on its expertise in biochemistry and science-based formulation to create a definitive position within wellbeing drinks. Launching prior to Christmas, the brand is targeting consumers who are approaching a busy social period and want a healthy and effective means to recharge.

The lightly sparkling drink is available in Tropical and Raspberry flavours and is available via Drinks Supermarket.

Revitalising drinks are not new. What makes Bounce Back interesting is the explicit propositions of post-social replenishment and working while you sleep. An illustration of an innovative approach in marketing as well as product development. It shows that in a crowded market brands need to innovate and work hard to find space.